Saturday, May 3, 2014

The idea of 'now' is loosely abstract yet tightly woven around the fabric of our lives. By choosing to penetrate its mystery, we choose also to confront this 'idea' of self. Yet we cannot abandon the 'self' anymore than we can abandon the 'now' – we simply must pass through it. 
From the halls of antiquity to the most post-modern sensibility, the great 'seers' and 'doers' will concede that the rarest of all gifts – are those expressed by an individual voice within a collective identity – one which predisposes the very idea of art, science, and, yes, even religion. Eventually, every 'idea' merges back into one seamless whole. 
How can we escape artifice without first enabling this 'higher' knowledge? As it is here we will discover the fascination of ART and the fashion of STYLE!

F A S H I O N T H R O P E is dedicated to the voice of transformation spoken through the experiences of Vermont designers. For more information on how to contribute contact:

m a r k e z r a m e r r i l l @ g m a i l . c o m

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