Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Passing of an Archetype

On May 12, 2014 Hans Rudi Giger passed from this world due to complications of injurys sustained from a fall down a flight of stairs. He was 74. Giger was a definitive archetype of style, and personally, for me, he was the first artist to open otherworldly doorways for my pre-pubescent mind. Giger's designs will never cease to inspire fascination and wonder. They will continue to remind of us of the fragil yet ever-present connection of the wo/man-machine. Like so many visionaries before, Giger birthed a new concept into the dialog of western discourse, that of the biomechanoid. Rest in peace Hans Rudi - for it is you, who are my real father.

Polish Fashion Designer Malgorzata Dudek brough Giger's inspiration to her ideas of style beginning in spring 2012:

Please see more of her work here:

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