Monday, April 18, 2016

MAY 7, 2016

Advance & Discount tickets available at Main Street Museum Advance Ticket Sales

Doors open at @7:00pm all seats $25 at the door. 

Show @ 8pm After Party Dance Marathon @ 9pm w/ DJ KB Noize free!

Underwriters: Revolution, Hiv/HCV Resource Center Sponsors: Susanne Abetti, Nancy Heyl, Raq-On Dance, Hotel Coolidge, The Silver Screen, Streamline: Artisan Upholstery, Northern Stage, Daily UV, Ronin Hair for Men Contributors: Farnum Hill Ciders, Harpoon Brewery, Co-op Food Stores, Upper Valley Food Co-op, Valley Flower Co., Oodles, Aujudi, Nutty Steph’s, Elixr, Molly’s, Candela Tapas Lounge, Stinson’s Village Store, Yama, Base Camp, Oriental Wok Express


< ReneFrancesG––Rene France's Gerrior has been designing and producing women's small run ready to wear and one off pieces for the past eight years. With sewing skills fostered by her grandmother and a manifold background in the arts of painting, make-up and lutherie, this unique combination has lent Rene's fashion designs a signature that has been warmly received in the upper valley.

> Keeny Paige––Keeny Paige is a local fashion designer born Colleen McCleary in Canaan, NH. Keeny started making clothing at age 16 when she wasn't satisfied with her current wardrobe selection.  She quickly took to fabric as a medium and produced three original fashions shows while attending Mascoma High School. After graduation Keeny went on to Fashion School at Lasell College in Newton, MA. She graduated in 2012 magna cumulate, with Honors. She interned with the Boston Ballet Costume Shop, Opera North, and Cotton, Inc. Currently, Keeny is working on her new tailoring and clothing alteration small business: Keeny Paige Fashions and Alterations.

< Mark Ezra Merrill––After working for nearly fifteen-years as a studio artist having found a particular panache for big, complex, and intentionally messy canvases––it was revealed to me (on the road to Damascus style) that I would soon become a Fashion Designer––a destiny I found myself more than somewhat hesitant to fully embrace. I have, however, seen the light as it were. My design modality I see as a “problem solving aesthetic” one which allows to me to ‘fix my mistakes’ quite literally, through the transformation of my personal values and the expression of inner freedom.

> Sophie Kirpan––Vermont Tribe. I grew up in central Vermont with ten adopted siblings and plenty of canned fruit. My greatest art mentor has always been my dad, who started taking me to hunt for project supplies in free piles, dumpsters, thrift stores and yard sales from the time I was five. Thankfully, my mom taught me how to live debt free, so my greatest accomplishment has been the ability to survive on a part time job with plenty of time to do artsy sorts of things, and I take a month off each year to backpack abroad. I split my year living with my partner in an off-the-grid yurt in Duxbury, and the colder months in a house in Fayston with an actual shower and a beautiful washer and dryer.

< Allyce Good––I am 17 and attend Hanover High school. I have always loved fashion and have been sewing ever since my grandmother first gave me a needle and thread. The WRJ fashion show will be my first runway show!

> Alyssa Couture––Alyssa Couture is owner/designer of her womenswear brand Alternative Fashion. Her fashion is chic, effortless and stylish.

< Daisy Shaver––Daisy Shaver, aka Jeff Huyett, lives in a Radical Faerie intentional community in Grafton. He has sewn clothes for himself since he was a kid. Now he is sewing for others, too. This is his first fashion show.

> KB Noize––aka Kevin Burke comes to the Upper Valley via Philadelphia and Provincetown, MA. Knighted as Provincetown's favorite street artists by John Waters, he is a mixed media artist whose formal graffiti training was learned on the streets. He finds his motivation by sublimating music and heartbreak. Drum & Bass for President 2016

< Orin Pacht––Orin Pacht is deeply influenced by his connection to place, land, and people. He first began making jewelry at Hanover High under the instruction of Peter Lange. Educated as a bench jeweler at Pearce Jewelers, he later joined Designer Gold in 2000. Orin wears many hats at Designer Gold. His time is split between creating his own work, collaborating with customers on commissioned projects and managing all repairs, often doing many of them himself. If this was not enough, Orin has recently begun teaching classes at the Hanover League of New Hampshire Craftsmen as well as instructing at the Claflin Jewelry Studio at Dartmouth College. In addition to his jewelry experience, He has worked extensively in White River Junction designing and making clothing and costumes. He is truly excited to be participating in this fashion show!

> Stacy Hopkins––Originally from Hanover, NH Stacy received her Goldsmith’s certification in Florence, Italy, where she began her career as a jeweler in 2001. She returned to the US in 2009, where she opened the jewelry and fine art gallery, Scavenger, in downtown White River Junction. Her work is internationally renowned and has been featured in acclaimed publications including Italian Vogue.

< Connie White––Connie White owner Ronin Men’s Salon: I have owned Ronin going on 10 years, I love my salon and love what I do, it is a wonderful feeling to go to work and do what you love. I am from Norwich VT and have lived in the Upper Valley most of my life. When I am not at the shop I enjoy my family, pets and the outdoors.

> Katie O’Day––Katie O'Day is the go to make up artist of the WRJ elite. She is cofounder of O'Hey Productions. Her work has been captured by world renown photographers such as Nigel Barker and Matt Bucy. Her skills with an eyebrow pencil are unsurpassed.She has created looks, such as her pop art crying girl last Halloween, that inspired millions when snap chat stole it and made it a filter. She also shaves cats.

< Ben Fleishman––Ben Fleishman is a local photographer specializing in wedding, portrait, event, restaurant, and website photography.  You can see his work at

> Timothy Duggan––Timothy Duggan was recently awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at Revolution’s Oscar party this year.  

< Rebecca Webber––Rebecca is a web developer and craft designer and teacher. When she's not coding or crafting, she's watching B-movies at the Main Street Museum, cooking, keeping in touch with friends and family, or doing puzzles. Though she's worked in alterations and costuming in the past, this is her first involvement in any kind of fashion show.

> David Fairbanks Ford––David Fairbanks Ford was born in the Republic of Moldova, in the mid-20th century. With the help of double agents from both the CIA and the Soviet KGB, he was reassigned his identity as an aging, bowtie wearing, museum curator in a small town in central Vermont. From his lair in the town’s former fire station, he listens to Reggeton and Champeta music while researching everything from Russian kitsch, to Latin American novelists, to the Seminole and Miccosukee American Indian nations. He is considered an expert in crystal ball “scrivening” raising small, annoying dogs, and finding larger, older American luxury cars that routinely break down.  He has never considered being left-handed as a source of shame or a liability, as he considers it a symbol of greater intelligence and creativity than average.

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