Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[preview] d i s i t e r a t e spring 2015

d i s i t e r a t e spring 2015

...when the challenges individuals face as designers, artists, thinkers, seers & doers –– are found everywhere –– the success of each aim, plan, pursuit, goal, desire, wish & dream can only be measured in the currency of ones values. In the context of our communities, self-worth is the stamina and endurance of this voice. 

d i s i t e r a t e –– the term, to my knowledge, first imagined by ethan showshan, a young radically-hip self-proclaimed urban social ecologist, as an etymological, albeit aesthetic, deconstruction –– lends itself to White River Junction's first "one of" spring fashion show to be hosted by the phenomena, which is the Main Street Museum. Stay-tuned for up-coming details!

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